clada group

Q-Mark Standard

Clada Group holds the EIQA's Q-Mark Standard.


The key elements assessed under the Q-Mark Quality Management Standard include Leadership and Commitment , Employee Engagement, Excellent Business Systems and Processes and Customer Experience.

The Q-Mark programme necessitates an Independent Assessment carried out by an experienced assessor who undertakes an onsite evaluation of the organisation's compliance against the standard as well as identifying best practices and evidence of commitment to continuous improvement.


  1. Enhances customer confidence - third party certification of Clada's attainment of the highest standards of quality and excellence.
  2. Demonstrates Clada's commitment using distinctive certification and marketing material based on the most widely used framework in Ireland.
  3. Independent audits to eliminate bias and provide constructive feedback so that positive actions are highlighted and areas for improvements are identified.
  4. Provides the opportunity to benchmark against other organisations using the same framework, including Irish market leaders.
  5. Wide consumer and industry recognition of the standard in the Irish Market.
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