Galway Water

It is a much-contested issue - but no, not all water is the same. Each water source is as unique as a fingerprint - no two are identical. They occur randomly, each having its own unique water analysis.

Clada are fortunate to have a number of unique spring water sources naturally occurring on the site of its bottling facility at Ballinfoile, Galway, each of which are drawn from a depth of over 300 feet. It is a microbiologically wholesome water, originating in an underground water table deep Underground and tapped at a number of borehole exits and is bottled and packaged at source.

Galway Pure Irish Still Water is bottled under strict quality controls and offers the quality water you need with a fresh, great taste. Filters may help to remove impurities from tap water when the filter is new but without careful and regular maintenance and replacement, bacterial contamination can build up. It is important to be aware of installation and ongoing costs of maintaining filtered tap water units.

Water is a living energy and Galway Pure Irish Still Water a totally natural source of that living energy. Galway Pure Irish Still Water comes directly from mother nature to you- just as she intended it.