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Water Coolers

Water Coolers provide an alternate means for fresh bottled water in a home or office environment. They require no external plumbing and are portable, providing a fresh source of drinking water wherever required.

The most familiar water cooler system is the Bottled Water Dispenser Unit. It consists of a stand holding a 19Litre bottle of Galway Water (turned upside down). A small silent refrigerated unit is housed in the stand and it cools the water, offering the choice of drinking water at a cold temperature or room temperature.

The water is dispensed from the unit using one of two taps depending on the chosen temperature of the water (typically chilled and ambient) and a small tray is located below the taps to catch any spill over.

Galway Water offer a wide variety of Bottled Water Dispenser Units in various colours, which are easy to use as they just need to be plugged in. This makes them very easy to relocate, ensuring that you have a constant supply of pure Galway Water whenever and wherever you need it!

Galway Water Cooler