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Production Formats

Clada Mineral Water Company currently bottle still and carbonated soft drinks, cordials and bottled water in a variety of pack sizes.

PET formats include the following:

  • 250ml PET SportsCap and FlatCap
  • 500ml PET SportsCap and FlatCap
  • 1 Ltr SportsCap PET
  • 1.5Ltr FlatCap PET
  • 2 Ltr Flatcap PET
  • 5 Ltr FlatCap PET

Glass Products are also available in both Returnable and Non-Returnable formats.

Label options include Wraparound; Patch; Self Adhesive and Plastic.  A wide variety of closure options are also available including FlatCap; Push-Pull SportsCap; ROPP; Crown; Twistoff and Widemouth to ensure that your needs can be meet, quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

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