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Water Source


Located at Ballinfoile, Galway at a depth of over 300 feet, Galway Water is fed by fresh rain soaked clouds from the Atlantic Sea and filtered by Mother Nature through the hills and limestone fields of the Galway countryside.

Throughout the year, as rains fall, it filters down into the limestone rock deep below the surface and over time this water filters into aquifers from which Galway Water flows. Galway Pure Irish Still Water is a microbiologically wholesome water, originating in an underground water table and merging from a spring tapped at a number of borehole exits, which is bottled and packaged at source.

Galway Pure Irish Still Water is not treated except in a very limited and restrictive manner and is bottled subject to the requirements of the European Communities [Natural Mineral Waters; Spring Waters & Other Waters in Bottles or Containers] Regulations 2007 [S.I. No. 225 of 2007] and European Regulations [EC] No. 852 / 2004 [Hygiene of Foodstuffs].