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Office Delivery

Clada Water Cooler customers are visited by our delivery personnel on a scheduled weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on your requirements and level of usage.

Customers are not restricted to their scheduled delivery however and should you require additional water at any time, we are just a phone call (091-706600) or an email ( away and will facilitate an ad-hoc 24 hour urban and 48 hour rural special delivery at no extra charge.

During the scheduled visit, we shall rotate bottle stock at each delivery point and replenish empty water cooler bottles and supply additional disposable cups if required. We shall also inspect the water cooler unit to ensure its correct operation and note the date of the last visit by sanitisation personnel.

Customers may choose to avail of bottle stands and water bottle covers, free of charge, if required.

Clada Water Cooler Customers enjoy added peace of mind due to the free maintenance of all rented coolers. In the event of a malfunction, our service personnel will pick up and service your cooler and provider you a loaner while you cooler is with us. In the event that we are unable to fix your coolers, we will replace it with another.

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