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Mains Fed Coolers

Mains Fed and Bottled Water - We do both!!

In response to customer demand for a single source supplier of both bottled and mains fed coolers, Clada Water Coolers are now delighted to offer an exciting range of mains fed units to compliment their water cooler range.

Mains fed coolers work by simply taking water from the mains supply, filtering it and then feeding it to a water cooler from which you can receive clean refreshing chilled water. A room temperature tap is also provided as an option. These mains fed coolers have a sleek modern look that will compliment any modern office environment. All of our mains fed coolers are installed by our own qualified plumbers.

Clada Water Coolers use a 0.2 micron rated HF10 filter which combines sediment, cyst and bacteria reduction with chlorine taste and odour reduction in a single cartridge. These filters are manufactured by 3M, one of the worlds leading manufacturer of water filters.

The HF10 is a 3 stage filter housed in a single cartridge and will remove the pathogenic bacteria e-coli, cryptosporidium, giardia etc.  The HF10 will also remove all other particles down to 0.2 microns (sediment, rust etc).

The Kalix Main Fed Cooler from Oasis is stylish, modern design.  The Kalix utilises a direct chill system thereby providing efficient cooling and reduced leak points.  This means that the unit is easy to cleaning and incorporates a closed system for a more sanitary cooler.  The lower front panel removes for easy filter installation/access and there is a removable, self-draining drip tray.  Most importantly, the Kalix comes with a 5-year manufacturers warranty.  The Kalix specifications sheet is available for download here.

Clada Mains Fed Cooler