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25 / 01 / 10

Home Coolers Delivery

Galway Water is delighted to announce that it currently delivers 19Litre Water directly to your Home. Simply contact and we can set up a water cooler in your home in a matter of days thus providing you and your family with crisp, clear, chilled Galway Pure Irish Still Water at your fingertips.

All you have to do is leave out your empty bottles in a pre arranged location (e.g. porch or garage) on the agreed day if you require water. If you don't leave your empties out, our driver will assume that you have sufficient supply and won't leave you any. We will only replace the empties with the same number of full bottles. If you leave out 1 empty bottle we will leave you 1 full one, leave out 2 empties and we will leave 2 full bottles.

If for any reason you need to increase or decrease your order at any time, you can easily do so by visiting our website or contacting our office at 091-706600 or by emailing This puts you in control of the quantity of water you purchase and you don't need to be home to accept delivery.

Easy payment is facilitated through direct debit.