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Clada Mineral Water Company Limited opened on Friday 13th April, 1962 at its original premises in Waterlane, Bohermore, Galway. At the time, there were five other bottling companies in Galway city, but today Clada Mineral Water Co. Ltd. is the sole bottling company in the West of Ireland.

From these humble beginings, Clada moved to a green field site on the Headford Road, Galway in the mid 70's where the company is currently based. This location proved to be quite an asset as there are three springs naturally occurring on site. Given the limestone nature of the locality, the water is refreshingly rich in calcium.

Clada continued to grow through the 80's with the wholesale of fruit and vegtables, incorporating banana ripening rooms. The 90's brought the expansion of Clada's distribution network throughout the Connaught region. To add another string to their bow, 1998 saw further investment in the logistic facilities at Ballinfoile, Headford Road, Galway and the introduction of a 2nd production line.

Continued growth necessitated athe addition of a 3rd production line in 2004 which has resulted in creating one of the most modern and highly automated production facilities in Ireland.

1962 Humble Beginings
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