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Belvoir Organics

Clada Soft Drinks is delighted to offer the Belvoir Fruit Farm Product Range.

Everything that goes into Belvoir drinks is 100% natural - no fake colours or preservatives and no flavours either - which gives them a real homemade taste. That's why the Belvoir motto is "Naturally Delicious; 100% good".

All the Belvoir Cordials are full of real fruit juice pressed on the farm and contain no colours, flavours (natural or artificial), or nasties such as artificial sweeteners. They all need to be diluted about seven to one with still or sparkling water depending on how strong you like them! This means they make lots of lovely drinks out of each bottle.

Belvoir Pressés are ready to drink, lightly fizzy range, made with lots of real fruits, flowers and spices blended with fresh water from the Belvoir springs. Because Belvoir use so much real fruit juices in each one they taste genuine and clean with no cloying aftertaste of flavourings.  Naturally delicious and available in 75cl and 25cl  in some really original flavours.

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Belvoir Fruit Farms