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09 / 05 / 14

Safe Lifting Tips for Galway Water Coolers


If your home or place of work has a Galway 2 U Water Cooler, and if you make regular trips to top up your glass and stay hydrated, then you might be the person who gets the job of replacing the empty tank!

A water cooler tank contains, 19 Litres of water which, unless you are a keen weightlifter, is heavy. Please take the time to read our step-by-step guide on how to lift a water cooler.

1. Before attempting to lift the bottle, please take time to read the safety information printed on the label. Check the vicinity around the cooler to ensure there are no obstacles which may pose a tripping hazard.

2. Peel the safety label from the top of the bottle cap. Then, whilst keeping your back straight, bend your knees and find a comfortable position to hold the bottle. If the bottle has an integrated handle, this should be used to help maintain a better grip.

3. Again, keeping your back straight, move slowly to a standing position.

4. Angle the bottle so that it is in line with the cooler bayonet.

5. Keeping the bottle upright, push it down onto the cooler until it clicks into the cooler opening, keeping your hands clear of the bottle neck at all times

You can download and print out a copy of this to stick up next to your water cooler by clicking here.

NOTE: Children, the elderly or infirm and those who are not in full health should refrain from lifting the water coolers as it requires strength and stability to be able to make the transfer.